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Living in Harmony with Universal Energy
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India's ancient science of Vastu architecture applies its principles to contribute to the emotional, physical and spiritual health and happiness of the building's occupants.

Green Home Design
Take advantage of a system of holistic design using technologies, methods and products which not only protect your health and the world around you, but actually enhance the spiritual, emotional, and mental quality of your daily experience. You accomplish this by literally living in harmony with universal energies.

Vastu Design Services
Initial review and phone consultations, architectural design, design consultation, rectification.


Vastu Design Website with vastu shastra resources, including an online Vastu Design Seminar for homeowners and designers, recommended reading, Vastu FAQ, and other Vastu resources.

Source Book: We have Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati's complete book, "Building Architecture of Stahapatya Veda" available for you!