Is used for long-term maintenance therapy following the withdrawal of chelator treatment. This mineral blocks gastrointestinal absorption of copper, although the effects are very slow. If a person has been diagnosed with wilson’s disease but is still symptom-free, zinc should be used as the first-line treatment. Diet management should be part of the treatment. It is recommended that people with wilson’s disease reduce their intake of foods with high copper content such as liver, chocolate (with the exception of white chocolate), mushrooms, shellfish and nuts, especially at the beginning of treatment. E-vitamin supplements may also be of value. Treatment results should be monitored regularly by measuring free serum copper concentration and urinary copper excretion in addition to routine blood, liver and urine tests. Medical examinations should be carried out regularly, on an annual basis if the condition is stable and more frequently if the patient fails to comply with the treatment regime or if the medical doses need to be adjusted. Psychological symptoms can usually be treated with antidepressants, but as a rule professional aid (from a psychologist and a psychiatrist) is also required. Both the initial disease investigation and follow ups should include neuropsychiatric evaluation. Other treatment measures should be implemented on the basis of individual symptoms. It is important to establish early contact with a paediatric and adolescent treatment centre or a treatment centre for adults. These multidisciplinary centres offer the competence of professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and counsellors. Interventions may include treatment and training, assessment of the need for aids and equipment and home adaptation. All interventions should be planned in collaboration with specialists at the swedish knowledge centre for wilson’s disease. The prognosis depends on factors such as at what stage of the disease the diagnosis was made, what symptoms have presented and their degree of severity before medical treatment. Patients discovered before the onset of symptoms remain symptom-free, provided they undergo life-long medical treatment. cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra where can i buy non prescription viagra generic viagra online order cheap generic viagra buy generic viagra generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription generic viagra online Even in cases where the liver is severely affected, the prognosis is good. Liver transplantation is carried out in cases.

Living in Harmony with Universal Energy

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India's ancient science of Vastu architecture applies its principles to contribute to the emotional, physical and spiritual health and happiness of the building's occupants.

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Take advantage of a system of holistic design using technologies, methods and products which not only protect your health and the world around you, but actually enhance the spiritual, emotional, and mental quality of your daily experience. You accomplish this by literally living in harmony with universal energies.

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Initial review and phone consultations, architectural design, design consultation, rectification.


Vastu Design Website with vastu shastra resources, including an online Vastu Design Seminar for homeowners and designers, recommended reading, Vastu FAQ, and other Vastu resources.

Source Book: We have Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati's complete book, "Building Architecture of Stahapatya Veda" available for you!